Our History

The biographies on his books say: Uncle Mike is a loveable beast. He’s known for his chocolate chip cookie feasts. He likes reading and laughing and having fun, but he snores very loud when the day is done.

He’s fuzzy, well mannered, and might live at the zoo. He’d probably be your favorite uncle, too. This is most definitely an accurate description of Uncle Mike. Uncle Mike has a history of being surrounded by education and educators – and also cookies.

The son of two elementary school teachers, Uncle Mike found himself in love with the curiosity, creativity and whimsy that often accompanies early childhood. He went on to pursue his own talents in graphic and visual design but remained passionate about education.

Uncle Mike taught and designed for many successful high school marching band and music programs throughout the Midwest. A light-hearted and fun-filled custom of Uncle Mike was reading a children’s book to his high school students to help reinforce various lessons or skills essential to the group’s success. As a tribute to all those talented students, Uncle Mike’s stories often will contain references to music or marching arts activities.

Uncle Mike has loved writing and rhyming from an early age. He promised his grandmother, who also enjoyed reading and writing, that one day he would have some of his work published. “Pssst…I’m Secretly Housing a Mouse” officially became his first illustrated and published story in June of 2023. With his promise kept, another promise of more stories to come begins.

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