Uncle Mike Stories 2 BOOK BUNDLE DEAL!

Softcover – 27 pages



Get both books at once!

Enjoy a wonderful story about a young boy who rescues a mouse and decides to keep him as a pet. Soon he realizes that wild animals, no matter how polite, shouldn't be pets and resolves to release the small creature back where be belongs. The inaugural story by children's author Uncle Mike uses humor and rhyme to teach readers about kindness and compassion for animals. The beautiful rich colors and scenes provided by illustrator Sarah Brennan expertly compliment and add joy to this sweet story.

We follow Boris, a bored little bear tired of everyday toys and games, as he discovers new and exciting things to play when he travels to the local Instrument Shop. We share in his excitement and curiosity as he explores various musical instruments, finds a favorite one and brings it home to share with his family. Readers will enjoy whimsy, humor and rhyme as we share the love of music and creative possibilities that Boris experiences. Boris and His Baritone is a wonderful story about inspiring creativity in children through exploring new experiences, the joys of music and performing arts and connecting with family and friends.


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